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One Dreamer ~ Five Shops ~ Thousands of Custom Gifts

Let originality be the fashion of the day. From wearable art to wallpaper ~ you'll discover unique and thoughtful perspectives when you explore Aleta's Dream.

“A person's a person, no matter how small.” ~ Theodor Seuss Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss)sm-gull-image

As an artist, designer, activist and parent, balancing the need to express my inner voice, my little 'Yop!', with the very real limitations of time and money has been a life-long tight-rope walk. I've always been a dreamer with a lot of big ideas. Happily some dreams do come true.

Creative minds have collaborated in recent years to develop many new technologies for artists, designers and their customers. Print-On-Demand (POD), Custom Screen Print (CSP), 3D Print technology and others have all been co-opted by the artistic mind. Resulting in a vibrant marketplace with little or no overhead, no large print minimums, less waste, fair wages and responsible production. Add to that, worldwide visibility... truly a struggling artist's dream come true. Plus, it's a great option for the responsible shopper with an eye for the unique, expressive and convenient. This ZAZZLE REVIEW VIDEO explains some of the concerns artists face and how POD can help.

On this page I have collected and described all my shops. Using a site called Polyvore, I create interactive collages that feature one or more of my products along with the creations of other artists. I think of these images as 'shop windows' and will be keeping them fresh with 'seasonal' updates. There is a lot to see here, so take your time and come back often.

To link right to a store you can choose from the 'Shoppes' signs to the right...


About My Shoppes

~ SC@Zazzle ~ SC@Spoonflower ~ SC@CafePress ~ SC@PrintAllOverMe ~ HomePlanetSecurity ~

Spontaneous Combustion @ Zazzle

Spontaneous Combustion at zazzle ~ Art. Clothing. Home Decor. Gifts.

...LOTS of original artwork on ALL KINDS of gifts and apparel. Be sure to check out the latest DEALS before you shop.

Hanging with Love Dawg
Hanging with Love Dawg by thinkthinker42

The tee says "what the fox said" but you can make Dawg say whatever you want with this customizable design!

Hanging with Love Dawg

This set was created for a Polyvore Valentine's Day design challenge and features a collection of comfortably inviting and fun items in shades of red, grey and black.

Love & peace, music, a shared drink, cuddles with a warm blanket and fun pillows. Sounds like a lovely Saturday night.

These six items can be found at Spontaneous Combustion at zazzle.
See more hot Dawg products here.Dawg Wristlet by Spontaneous Combustion


Spontaneous Combustion @ Spoonflower

Spontaneous Combustion at Spoonflower

Fabric. Wallpaper. Giftwrap. That's all.

At Spoonflower I design, print and sell my own fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap. Customers find unique artwork by the yard or by the roll.

Quilters, crafters, interior designers, fashion designers, instructors and activity coordinators can all find hours of visual and creative stimulus thumbing through the swatches at Spoonflower.

At Spontaneous Combustion you'll find my unique but varied taste in patterns and cut-and-sew projects. Check out my  'Earth Friends Cut & Sew Tote Bags' collection or my Cheater Quilt that features a cute little poem by yours truly.

Read Spoonflower's story here.


Spontaneous Combustion @ Cafe Press

Spontaneous Combustion at CafePress

fire-image-leftFind the 'Amazing Sketchy Pineapple' herefire-image-right

Cafe Press offers a few more unique products, such as shower curtains and duvet covers. If you find a design in one of my other shops that you would like to see at my Cafe Press shop, please let me know what designs and products you are interested in.

Oh, and just why is the Sketchy Pineapple so amazing? You know, I'm not sure. But people all over the world love it. Maybe you will too.

When She Showed Up
When She Showed Up by thinkthinker42

This set showcases some of my favorite things - beautiful art, classic tales, talented musicians*, casual comfort and one of my best selling designs --- the Pineapple --- on an easy wearing tee.

*Flight of the Concords (talented and super funny guys)


Spontaneous Combustion @ Print All Over Me

Spontaneous Combustion at Print All Over Me

Wearable Art - Invest in Quality

Quality art on handmade clothing and accessories. Seam to seam original art. Investment pieces and quality Cosplay or childrens' dress-up pieces. Find some inspiration. Be an inspiration. Read all about PAOM here.

Bayocean Blues
Bayocean Blues by thinkthinker42

This set tells a little story about a town I love to visit ~ that is nothing but a ghostly memory. The artwork on this sweatshirt dress is called Bayocean Blues, after the area where the original photo was taken. The sandals couldn't be a more perfect match.

Bayocean Blues

Redheads can wear any color...
Redheads can wear any color... by thinkthinker42

This Polyvore '60-Second Style: Edgy Valentine' design challenge entry features Sweatshirt dress by Spontaneous Combustion ~ getting ready for a night on the town in comfort and style.


Home Planet Security @ Zazzle

HPS = Home Planet Security. Speak Truth. Occupy Your T-Shirts.

HPS is for ACTIVISTS like me.

That's right, like me. You want to start something? Me too! Let's start something together... like a conversation. HPS is Home Planet Security. HPS is activism.

Make an artist/activist's dream come true... to see YOU rockin' my hope-y and change-y designs while the rEvolution is 'televised' and tweeted and blogged and taken to the streets and to the ballot!

>>>The poster to the right earned me a Political Artist Award from zazzle. It is a customizable poster with room on the back for your important message.>>>

And again, check out the latest DEALS before you shop at zazzle stores.




Remember the 17th of September

Remember the 17th of September by thinkthinker42

This dress design is based on an original collage created the night of the Day of Rage. As a live-feed member of the event from Portland Oregon ~ this collage was the best thing I could do with all my energy & my rage. Until I became an active member in Occupy Portland event that was soon to follow. Today this image commemorates the beginning of a movement, and hopefully reminds us that it will take us all to keep it going.

The poster is found at Zazzle. The dress at Print All Over Me.



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